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Bespoke & custom built playground equipment, treehouses, play towers and play areas

22 Riverside, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8LJ

Tel: 01823 669096, Mobile: 07963 747249, Email: darrensdens22@gmail.com

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Most children dream of having their own outdoor play area or treehouse and every adult remembers a treehouse or play house from their childhood, whether it is the treehouse in Winnie the pooh, the Ewok village from Star Wars, Bilbo Baggins hobbit house, Horrid Henry's forte or Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse to name but a few.   At Darren's Dens we take great care in creating that perfect space for your child, whether it is a play tower, den, forte, pirate ship, hobbit hole, princess castle, fairy house or an awesome treehouse.  


Our residential bespoke play equipment is hand crafted and designed to your specific requirements for your space available, budget and child.  As our products are built to last, we design them so that they can grow with your child and further play equipment or additional towers can be added on in the future, making it a gift that your child will enjoy for many years and can become more challenging as their confidence in climbing grows.


We also build dens or tree houses suitable for grown up children, to use as a teenage hangout, office space, sunny garden room or a place to relax and dream.  If you have a bespoke project in mind please contact us to discuss your ideas.































































Riverside cottage children's play house Children's play house Peg down residential play tower

1.52m x 1.52m (5x5ft), includes two fixed windows and a decking floor.   (Decking area shown not included).

2.44m x 1.83m (8x6ft) with two fixed windows at the front and decking floor inside.

This peg down tower gives you the opportunity to mix and match your play equipment and accessories.

Play towers with birds nest swing, fireman's pole, Play Tower with swing arm and den underneath

Riverside Tower - From £1,400

Riverside Cottage - From £699.00

Riverside Lodge - From £899.00

Bespoke Treehouse - Berkshire Play Tower Reading Play Tower with Playhouse Jack's teenage den Treehouse in autumn Bespoke play tower with slide, ladder and den underneath Treehouses constructed around two large trees with Treehouse Surrey 3 Playtower - Surrey 2m tower with red cedar shingle roof

Below is our Riverside range of play towers and play houses suitable for residential use.  Please contact us for prices if you wish for one of these to be converted for commercial use.